"Oh well... to Anatoly! Na zdorovje."
―Kowalski toasting Anatoly Soloyvev before drinking the vodka.
Kowalski with vodka

Matt Kowalski with a bottle of Vodka.

The Vodka is a comic relief gag seen a few times in Gravity

Role in GravityEdit

Apparently the Russians hid the vodka (with a handy straw) in the Soyuz capsule and Matt Kowalski knew where it was hidden. 


  • George Clooney wrote the scene where Stone hallucinates Kowalski and him finding the vodka also.
  • By saying "Na zdorovje", Kowalski was saying cheers. This translates to "for your health" in Russian. 
  • If Stone had retrieved and drank the vodka, she probably would have had her coordination and reaction time slowed, which means she may not have reached the Tiangong and got inside to the Shenzhou.

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