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Finally! We made it to 100 articles.

Yes, it seems that this wiki has reached the special milestone of 100 pages!! 

When I started editing this wiki, I figured that there would be no way this wiki could get past 45 pages, let alone to 100. So, even though this number may not have this much signifigance to normal people, it has quite a bit to me. I discovered that this wiki had been created by someone else and decided to do whatever I could to make sure this incredible film had a complete encyclopedia for it, since it had already been created. Even though I don't normally support entire wikis for one film, I knew in my heart that this one was different. Not in years had I seen a film that had touched me in such a way as this one. So, I figured that I would contribute for a while and help it look better. 

Of course, that was before I realized just how complex this was. In less than a month, the wiki soared to 100 articles, and I have faith that it could grow to at least 150 more. I have a lot of work left on this wiki before it is complete, so I'd like you to help me preserve this film. 

So, to celebrate the big 100 page milestone and the big 800th edit for me, let's drink! Some cheap whisky seems appropriate. 

Okay, so I was just kidding. But buy yourself a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream or something. Somebody's got to celebrate with me. Or, we could just listen to some Hank Williams, Jr. like Kowalski. (Seriously. Throughout the entire film, he was always listening to this one song whenever he was on screen. Even when Dr. Stone hallucinated him in the Soyuz, you can faintly hear it playing in his suit. Obsess much?)

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