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    Folks, there are few things that grind my gears in life. I consider myself a relatively simple guy who tries not to complain (hey, you could be stranded in orbit, right?) but today I must make an exception. 

    Something I have always said is that any time there is a successful movie, there is someone else crying theft of the idea from them. This has happened with dozens and dozens of household movies, including The Terminator as possibly the best example. James Cameron was confronted by a sci-fi writer of an episode of The Outer Limits, I believe, for supposedly stealing the idea of a time traveling cyborg. Naturally Cameron was pissed off because of this, since he had never heard of the guy and had to pay him simply because he made a famous m…

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    That's right. 

    200 Articles. 

    On a wiki based off a 90 minute movie with two characters and a single setting. 

    Now that we have 200 pages, we can be promoted on! 

    So now this wiki can be promoted despite being modeled after a single movie!! 

    Oh, yes! I think so!…

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    I'm not your average fanboy. If a film doesn't deserve to win an award, it shouldn't win it. I don't know if Gravity deserved to win best picture or best production design. But that being said, it definitely deserved a win for best actress. Sandra Bullock carried that entire film herself and came out of a self-imposed hiatus after her husband left her to do this film. Shooting was so stressful she wanted to walk off the picture every day. The emotions of anger and despair you see on screen are authentic. How many actresses can pull off barking like a dog? Certainly not Cate Blanchett...

    Gravity won seven Oscars, editing, sound editing, sound mixing (is there a difference between the two?), visual effects, director, soundtrack and cinematogr…

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    I have heard for months how "Gravity" was a stupid title for this film. Whether it be from the lips of my father or astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, everybody seems to think that a movie that takes place in space should be called "Zero-Gravity", not "Gravity". There is, after all, no gravitation in space. 

    I can understand these complaints. However, it's pretty obvious that "Gravity" is a much better title than "Zero-Gravity". Let's face it, folks. "Zero-Gravity" sounds like it would be the title of a bad SyFy channel original movie, not a huge blockbuster.

    So, aside from "Gravity" sounding both simplistic, familliar and intense, why would the filmmakers call it "Gravity" if it takes place largely in an area of space where there is *no* …

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    100 Pages! Woo-woo!

    January 27, 2014 by Votesmall

    Yes, it seems that this wiki has reached the special milestone of 100 pages!! 

    When I started editing this wiki, I figured that there would be no way this wiki could get past 45 pages, let alone to 100. So, even though this number may not have this much signifigance to normal people, it has quite a bit to me. I discovered that this wiki had been created by someone else and decided to do whatever I could to make sure this incredible film had a complete encyclopedia for it, since it had already been created. Even though I don't normally support entire wikis for one film, I knew in my heart that this one was different. Not in years had I seen a film that had touched me in such a way as this one. So, I figured that I would contribute for a whil…

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