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Thomas's corpse floating in the wreck of the shuttle
Age 40s or 50s
Gender Male
Occupation NASA astronaut

Thomas was the last name of a male NASA astronaut, and a crew member aboard the space shuttle Explorer during the STS 157 mission.

Character BiographyEdit

Little is known of Thomas's life, and his name is only derived from his mission patch under close inspection. He did not take part in the spacewalk during STS 157, instead remaining with Captain Evans on board the Explorer.

Thomas was killed when debris from a satellite destroyed the shuttle, exposing him and Evans to the extreme temperatures of the vacuum of space, where he died from Anoxia. His frozen corpse was later seen floating in the wreck of the Explorer when Dr. Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski returned to search for survivors.


  • Named after real-life astronaut Andy Thomas, who was one of Gravity's technical advisors.
  • Much like Evans, the only way Thomas' name can be determined is through simple deduction via process of elimination. The mission patch reveals the names of the spacewalking astronauts (Stone, Kowalski and Dasari) but leaves two more names, Evans and Thomas. Since Thomas was named after a male astronaut it can be assumed that Thomas is the male astronaut and the only one left, the female Explorer Captain, is Evans. 
  • Close inspection of Thomas's corpse reveals he had shaved his hair into a mohawk.

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