Space exposure is when a human body (or other creature) is exposed to the vacuum and extreme environment of outer space without suitable protection such as a spacesuit.

Effects of Space Exposure to a humanEdit

If a human is exposed to space without protection, the conditions of the vacuum environment in space will make it impossible for a human to recieve oxygen. As a result, hypoxia, and eventual anoxia will occur. Within 9-13 seconds, the deoxygenized blood will reach the brain, resulting in loss of conciousness.

Meanwhile, the airlessness of space will cause the pressure on the body to drop to zero, causing the blood in the body to boil. The steam from the boiling blood and other liquids will cause the body to bloat to twice it's size. If a human were to have taken a breath before being exposed, the bloating of the body will cause the lungs to explode from uncontrolled decompression.

Another danger would be the exposure to sunlight and cosmic radiation. Without a suit or even an atmosphere to protect them, any exposed skin on the unfortunate human would be burned horribly, and the constant waves of radiation would eventually cause cellular mutation.

After about a minute, the body will suffer from the extreme cold in space, and will start to rapidly cool. The rapid cooling of the body will cause nitrogen bubbles to form in the body, which could lead to a stroke or heart attack.

A human can only survive in this condition for about 90 seconds. If the exposed person is not recompressed after that time, death may be inevitable. After some hours, the remaining fluid in the body will debloat and freeze solid.

Victims in GravityEdit


  • Soviet cosmonauts Georgi Dobrovolski, Vladislav Volkov, and Viktor Patsayev of the mission Soyuz 11 are the only humans who have died from space exposure. They were killed when a valve on their Soyuz spacecraft was jolted open, depressurizing the capsule and suffocating the crew. The rapid decompression killed them in just over a minute.
  • The bodies of Evans and Thomas were shown frozen in the wreck of the Explorer, even though this would have taken hours to happen.

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