thumb|388px|link=The Manuals of the Soyuz Capsule are a key plot device in Gravity

Role in GravityEdit

After Dr. Ryan Stone traveled through the Zvezda Module to get to the Soyuz Capsule in an attempt to undock and pilot away from the International Space Station, she realized that she was unable to undock the craft. She never properly learned to pilot the Soyuz. Therefore, she was forced to grab the manuals nearby to learn how to undock the capsule. 

After the Soyuz ran out of fuel and was adrift in orbit, unable to head to the nearby Chinese station, the Tiangong, Stone remembered that the landing rockets operated from a separate fuel tank and would operate the same way as the boosters did. Stone got the manuals out and learned how to recalibrate the altitude to three meters above the ground so the rockets would activate and send her to the Tiangong on it's momentum. 


Former astronaut Leroy Chiao says this is fairly accurate: "There are definitely paper procedures and books, certainly in the Soyuz and, I imagine, the Chinese spacecraft as well," Chiao says. "On the shuttle we had paper books. The problem would be, having not been trained, she may not know how to follow the instructions. She might not even know the language. But the books are there, and they're definitely used." Chiao, by the way, would be prepared in such a situation: He speaks both Chinese and Russian.