thumb|352px|link=A Solar Panel was a set of solar photovoltaic modules made up of solar cells that are electrically connected and mounted on a commercial or residential location to absorb light energy from the Sun and provide electrical power. However, they could not be recycled.

They had many space applications and are frequently seen in Gravity.

Role in GravityEdit

When the satellite debris struck the Explorer Space Shuttle and forced the astronauts, Dr. Ryan Stone and Lieutenant Matt Kowalski to head toward the International Space Station, they ran out of fuel in Kowalski's propulsion pack and are unable to brake so they slammed into the station's solar panels hard. One of the panels cut their tether in two and left the astronauts adrift and falling farther from the station. Dr. Stone was able to survive and board the station. 

In one particularly suspenseful scene, the debris circled back around and destroyed the International Space Station for good, throwing the Soyuz Capsule into the solar panels of the ISS and shredding them to pieces as a helpless Dr. Stone attempted to hang on. From then on, the Soyuz capsule had only one solar panel which could be the reason why the cabin started malfunctioning and losing heat and oxygen. 

Later on in the film, Dr. Stone was able to head to the Chinese station,Tiangong in the Soyuz by using it's landing rockets and was forced to eject herself from the pod by the means of explosive decompression. She was able to use a fire extinguisher as a makeshift thruster and get closer to the station which was plummeting through the upper Troposphere. She was able to get close enough to the station to touch one of the solar panels, but she was unable to get an actual grip on them. Her fingers just slid along the flat surface. Stone managed to get inside the station as it plunged through the upper atmosphere and the panels are stripped away.

Used byEdit

  • International Space Station
  • Soyuz Capsule
  • Tiangong Station