Mission 42 patch

ISS Expedition 42 mission patch, with the name "сокуров"

Soyuz patch

A mission patch of an unnamed Soyuz mission, with the name "сокуров" on it.

Sokurov (сокуров) was a Russian astronaut on board the ISS during or prior to the events of Gravity.


Little is known of Sokurov, and his name is only derived from two mission patches on L. Demidov's space suit. Judging by these patches, it appears that Sokurov was a member of an unnamed Soyuz TMA mission and ISS Expedition 42.

Sokurov is never seen or mentioned in Gravity, and it is unknown if he was on board the ISS during the movie or left the station prior to the film's events.


  • "Sokurov" may be a reference to Russian film director Alexander Sokurov.

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