"I can't give up on her. I can't say goodbye. I love that dog so much. "
―Aningaaq deciding whether he should put Naanak out of her misery.
Aningaaq YouTube
is Aningaaq's dog. 

Short FilmEdit

Naanak is apparently very old, sick and in great pain. It is seen in the short film and heard in Gravity. Aningaaq is asking Dr. Stone whether he should put Naanak out of her misery by shooting her. Because she cannot understand Greenlandic, she doesn't answer but Aningaaq eventually decides to kill Naanak. 

Signifigance and SymbolismEdit

  • Aningaaq says that he can't let go of her because he loves the dog so much. This mirrors Stone's own conflict with whether or not she should go on living after her daughter's death. 
  • Naanak provides the theme of both the short film and the movie: that you must move on with your life in order to regain your happiness.

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