Kowalski's story is cut off by disaster.

"Okay, let me tell you a story. It was '96. I'd been up here 42 days. Every time I passed over Texas, I'd look down, knowing the second Mrs Kowalsky was looking up, thinking ofme. Six weeks I'm blowing kisses to that woman. Then we land at Edwards and I find out she'd run off with a lawyer before I was off the launch pad, so I packed my car and I headed to..."
―Kowalski beginning his Tijuana story

Kowalski's Tijuana Story was one of the many stories that he told Mission Control to pass the time during spacewalks.

The StoryEdit

Matt Kowalski just finished his first spacewalk in 1996 where he claimed to have coughed everything up, but his kidneys. He lamented that every night, he would look down at Texas and know that his wife was looking up at him. However, when he landed at Edwards Air Force Base, he found out that she left him for a lawyer and took his 1974 GTQ. Kowalski headed to Tijuana, Mexico to unwind and presumably had some interesting and fun times. 

However, Mission Control cut him off, claiming that they heard the story before several times.