"Zlotze, Houston."
―The ISS Captain
ISS Captain
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Russian cosmonaut
Portrayed by Basher Savage

The ISS Captain was a Russian astronaut who Mission Control contacted and ordered to evacuate. 

He was voiced by British voice actor Basher Savage in Gravity

Role in GravityEdit

During a spacewalk on the STS-157 mission with the Explorer Space Shuttle, a Russian satellite is shot down, which inadvertantly strikes multiple other satellites and creates a chain reaction of destruction in orbit. While in the middle of his Mardi Gras story, Lieutenant Matt Kowalski is suddenly interrupted by a frantic Mission Control, who informs the astronauts that the satellite debris is wiping out anything in its path, which includes the International Space Station and the Explorer shuttle. Mission Control contacts both the Explorer and the International Space Station, informing the cosmonaut captain on board the ISS that they need to evacuate as soon as possible. 

The Captain presumably evacuated and was never seen or heard again in the film. 


  • In the script, the ISS Captain was only described as "space station cap".
  • The script never exactly explains what space station the captain works at. It could be either the ISS or the Chinese Tiangong. In fact, the only way to determine that it is the ISS is because he speaks Russian (and the fact that he responded when ground control said "ISS, this is Houston"). Otherwise nothing is known about the character at all and the script tells us even less because it doesn't specify the exact station he belongs to.

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