This article is about the theme on the soundtrack. For the act of communicating, see Blind Transmission.

In the Blind is the tenth track on the Gravity Soundtrack


In the Blind plays when Dr. Ryan Stone attempts to contact Houston with a radio from the Soyuz Capsule while adrift in space amongst the backdrop of the Aurora Borealis. She attempts to navigate to the Tiangong and describes her steps to Houston as she attempts to activate the engines, only to find that the Soyuz is out of fuel. Stone, exasperated at how nothing is going right after the debris strike, starts screaming in anger before viciously attacking parts of the pod, until she tires and continues to transmit into the blind. The track then intensifies until the shot cuts to space, and the track changes to the next one.

It is a destitute and ghostly track that symbolizes the ultimate low in Dr. Stone's life.  

Much like "ISS", In the Blind makes good use of radio frequencies and static to add to the music.