Gravity Space Station Fire Scene HD YouTube

The computer screen fire alarm (note the clever subliminal messages here)

The ISS Fire was a massive inferno that broke out in the International Space Station in the movie Gravity

A track on the soundtrack was named after it. 

Role in GravityEdit

After Dr. Ryan Stone enters the ISS airlock and navigates through the various Nodes and Modules of the station, she passes by an electrical fuse box with some exposed wiring, presumably damaged by the debris strike, that are producing sparks which turn into tiny balls of fire. After Dr. Stone fails to communicate with mission commander Matt Kowalski, she hears the fire alarm and realizes that the station is on fire. Stone leaves and realizes that the massive fire is quickly engulfing several nodes at a time, making her sanctuary a tomb. Ryan grabs a fire extinguisher and tries to fight the inferno, but the lack of gravity causes the extinguisher's recoil to push her into a wall, bruising and cutting her face. She loses consiousness for a moment as her blood drips into space, but luckily is able to wake up and race past the fire, which has caused several cannisters of oxygen to explode. The fire engulfs the entire Zarya Module and chases her towards the second Soyuz capsule. Luckily Stone manages to make it into the second Soyuz capsule just in time as the inferno engulfs the docking module. Stone has also taken the fire extinguisher with her in case a blaze should erupt inside the Soyuz. This simple action later saves her life.

Later on, while she is removing the parachute from the Zvezda Module, the debris strikes the station and ruptures what seems to be the Zarya Module, which explodes on impact and extinguishes itself upon contact with the airless vacuum of outer space. This shows that the station was still on fire after Stone's escape and the flames had possibly engulfed the entire station's pure oxygen interior. 

Affected Areas of the ISSEdit

  • Unity Node 1
  • Unity Node 2 
  • Zarya Module
  • Japanese Lab
  • Zvezda Module
  • Destiny Lab
  • Docking Module
  • Possibly more areas after Stone's escape


  • In reality, flames on the ISS are blue and short, not orange and long as they are displayed in the film.
  • There are many subtle in-jokes and references during the fire scene. For one, you can see a picture of Jonás Cuarón and his family on the wall of the ISS next to the computer. 
  • Hanging up on the wall next to the monitor is also a screen capture from the classic 1902 French space movie, A Trip to the Moon.

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