Mission 42 patch

ISS Expedition 42 mission patch.

International Space Station Expedition #42 was a mission to the ISS that took place either during or prior to the events of Gravity. It was the 42nd expedition to the International Space Station.

Mission detailsEdit

Little is known of the mission, although it appears to have been orchestrated by both Russia and the United States. It involved five astronauts.

The mission's duration and result is unknown, but it is likely that the members of Expedition 42 were on board the ISS when a missile strike on a satellite caused a debris field to be formed. As no astronauts were seen on board the ISS when Ryan Stone arrived, it is likely the members of the mission fled the station after the first debris wave.



  • The number of the expedition, 42, is likely a reference to the number that is the "answer to everything" in Douglas Adams's 1978 novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • The actual ISS Expedition 42 mission will take place in November, 2014. Gravity was made before the mission occurred.

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