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To advertise Gravity's home video release, all of the IMDb was turned to the promotional images of Gravity.

This is an article about Gravity's releases on home media.

Gravity will be released on home video February 25, 2014.

2-disc special edition DVD with UltraVioletEdit

The cover design features Dr. Ryan Stone floating in the airlock of the ISS. The back of the cover features a shot of Dr. Stone lettting go of Kowalski's tether near the ISS, a shot of Kowalski letting go of the tether and a shot of Dr. Stone drifting through the nodes of the ISS corridors. It is set to cost twenty five dollars. 

Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD and UltraVioletEdit

The special features are not known yet but the cover is the main poster art with Dr. Ryan Stone being thrown from the Explorer space shuttle. The back of the cover features a shot of Dr. Stone on the Tiangong, Dr. Stone in the Soyuz capsule and a shot of Dr. Stone and Kowalski working on the Hubble. It is set to cost thirty five dollars.

Blu-Ray, DVD and UltraVioletEdit

The design is the same. It is set to cost twenty nine dollars.


  • Length 1 hrs. 31 mins.
  • Rating PG-13
  • Released: Feb 25 2014
  • Production Year 2013
  • UPC Code 883929244577
  • Studio Warner Bros.
  • HD
  • Number of Discs 2
  • Subtitles English, French and Spanish

Special FeaturesEdit

  • Nearly 3 Hours of Special Features.
  • Experience The Meticulous Innovation Necessary To Create The World Of Zero-G.
  • Witness The Physical And Emotional Demands Sandra Bullock Endured On Set.
  • Journey With Alfonso Cuaron Through Four Years Of Filmmaking To The Farthest Boundaries Of Cinema
  • Making of a scene


  • Widescreen 2.40:1
  • Color


  • French-Canadian Dolby Digital 5.1 
  • Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1
  • English DTS-HD MA 5.1

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