Gravity Ending YouTube

The Frog in Gravity.

The Frog is an amphibian featured in the final moments of Gravity

Role in GravityEdit

Dr. Ryan Stone makes a successful re-entry through the Earth's atmosphere in the Chinese Shenzou spacecraft and lands in a lake. However, Stone is forced to evacuate the pod after a small electrical fire breaks out, sinking the pod in the lake. Stone attempts to swim to the surface but the 300 pound spacesuit only anchors her to the bottom. Exhausted and eager to swim back on the surface, Stone quickly sheds the suit and swims towards the surface. Around this time we see a frog swimming the same direction, following her for few seconds and going towards the Shenzou parachute to breathe its own needed air. 


  • Director Alfonso Cuaron claims that he used the Frog in Gravity because he wanted to show that Earth is where life is. 
  • Since frogs only live in fresh water, the Frog's appearance tells the audience Stone landed in a lake somewhere inland. 
  • Frog and human DNA are quite similar. Within conserved sequences in the Western Clawed Frog, the researchers found genes that are similar to 80% of human genes. This could be further representing the symbolic evolution of mankind, further cementing the metaphor when Stone walks on the beach.
  • Stone and the frog swim almost identically.

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