"Copy all Houston. Matt, immediate return to Explorer. Repeat, immediate return to Explorer."
―Captain Evans in Gravity
Captain Evans
Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 6.02.28 PM
Evans' corpse floating in the wrecked Explorer
Age 30s or 40s
Gender Female
Occupation NASA astronaut
Portrayed by Amy Warren (voice)

Captain Evans was the female commanding officer of the space shuttle Explorer during  the STS 157 mission.

Character BiographyEdit

Evans' life prior to the events of Gravity is unknown, although she had likely spent much time with NASA, considering her rank. She was the commanding officer of the space shuttle Explorer during the STS 157 mission to the Hubble telescope. Evans did not partake in the spacewalk of the mission. Instead, she remained on board the Explorer, and was heard talking with the Houston ground control and Commander Matt Kowalski.

Evans, along with Thomas, was killed when debris from a Russian satellite destroyed the shuttle, causing her to be exposed to the extreme conditions of space, where she died from Anoxia. Her frozen corpse was later seen floating around the Explorer's wreck, along with Thomas. Evans's corpse startled Dr. Ryan Stone as she and Kowalski were searching for survivors.


  • Captain Evans was voiced by American actress Amy Warren.
  • Her name is only revealed upon close inspection of her mission patch. One can figure out through simple deduction that Evans was the female astronaut through process of elimination. Dasari, Stone and Kowalski were all on the spacewalk and listed quite clearly, however the two in the shuttle were more ambiguous. Looking at the patch reveals two more names, Thomas and Evans. Since Thomas was named after Andy Thomas, it can be assumed that he is the male astronaut and that leaves only Evans to be the female Explorer Captain.
  • Evans is listed in the script as "Explorer Cap."
  • Evans is her last name. Much like Thomas, her first name is unknown.
  • The scene where Kowalski and Stone find Evans' corpse is often thought of as the most startling and frightening moment in the entire film. 
  • It can be assumed that the retainer belonged to Evans since her mouth was open. 
  • She may have been named after Ronald Evans, an astronaut from the final moon landing mission, Apollo 17.

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