Don't Let Go is the fifth track on the Gravity Soundtrack

At eleven minutes and eleven seconds, it is the longest track on the album. A portion of 'Don't Let Go' is played over much of the end credits.


Playing during the scene following the debris collision with the Explorer, Dr. Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski are adrift in space, floating in circles in the void. This track keeps the intensity of the previous track, but tones down the volume and pace to make a slower track that focuses more on the intensity of isolation in outer space over the intensity of a debris field colliding with their spacecraft. For much of Don't Let Go, the track is dramatic and focuses on the learning of Stone's daughter's death during their journey. The track picks up in intensity at the scene where they reach the ISS and Kowalski is forced to detach, giving a dramatic release. The track soon relaxes and continues to capture the haunting loneliness and depth of outer space. 

Behind Tiangong, Don't Let Go is the most difficult to describe because of how it changes moods. Almost every other track is very straightforward and consistent. 


Steven Price - Don't Let Go (Gravity Soundtrack) HD

Steven Price - Don't Let Go (Gravity Soundtrack) HD