Kowalski's visor

The two camera crew astronauts are briefly seen in a reflection on Kowalski's visor.

The Camera Crew Astronauts were two unidentified astronauts that were present during the events of Gravity.

Character informationEdit

The two astronauts apparently accompanied the crew of STS-157 on their mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. They were not mentioned during the film, but were briefly seen in a reflection on Commander Matt Kowalski's visor during the spacewalk of the mission.

After a debris field was formed by a missile strike on a satellite, the Explorer and all but one crewmember was killed. The fate of the two astronauts is unknown, although they never were seen again after their brief appearance. However due to Ryan being the only apparent survivor, it is most likely that they did not survive.

Behind the scencesEdit

The two camera crew astronauts seen in Kowalski's visor were an easter egg inserted into the movie by the director as a practical joke and not a significant part of the plot. In most movies you can see reflections of crew members filming the scene in glass (one such movie is Steven Spielberg's Duel, which was an inspiration to Gravity). The joke is that there were cameramen in spacesuits filming the scene.

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