The Bolt
is an object that came off the Hubble Space Telescope

It was prominently seen in Gravity

Signifigance and roleEdit

The Bolt is so signifigant because it is the first real 3D effect seen in the film and one of the few to utilize the gimmick traditionally rather than from a storytelling point of view, which the film usually does. It is also signifigant because it prominently displayed the effects of zero-gravity in space. It also foreshadows why the film is entitled "Gravity".

While Dr. Ryan Stone is repairing the HST, Lieutenant Matt Kowalski arrives and asks if he can help. While she is unscrewing a panel one of the structural bolts becomes dislodged and floats into space, out of her reach. Luckily, Kowalski reaches out and grabs it before bringing it back to Dr. Stone. Stone apologizes, claiming that she is used to a basement lab in the hospital she works where things fall to the floor due to gravity. 

The bolt was ultimately either lost in space or destroyed during re-entry after the debris strike wiped out the Explorer and the HST. 


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