The Aningaaq short film is the five-minute companion piece to Gravity. It was directed by Jonás Cuarón, who co-
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wrote Gravity with his father, Alfonso.

It featured the track Aningaaq from the Gravity Soundtrack by Steven Price, the same music in the film.


Taking place in the fjords of Greenland, the stark white snow directly contrasts the black void of outer space. "Aningaaq" details the first appearance of the person who Dr. Ryan Stone talks to in space from his point of view, giving insight into his life.

While Gravity was rated PG-13, Aningaaq was rated PG for some thematic elements including drinking.


The theme of Gravity is all about letting go, which is reflected in Aningaaq. Another interesting trivia point is that despite speaking two different languages, they were both concerned with similar things and connected emotionally despite the language barrier. Since Gravity has been told to us by the use of visual metaphors to reflect the emotional journey of its protagonist, one of these such metaphors is the usage of adversities to represent the problems we face in our everyday life that we must overcome. Both Aningaaq and Dr. Stone have adversities that they must find a way around. Dr. Stone is trapped in space with emotional weight from the death of her young daughter and Aningaaq is debating whether or not he should put his sick dog out of her misery. Eventually both are able to overcome their challenges by letting go of the memories that made it difficult to proceed. 

A shooting star can also be seen before the credits.

The FilmEdit

Jonas Cuaron's Short Film 'Aningaaq' (Gravity)

Jonas Cuaron's Short Film 'Aningaaq' (Gravity)

Gravity-Aningaaq full combination

Gravity-Aningaaq full combination