"Hello? Can you hear me?"
―Aningaaq's first lines translated to English.
Aningaaq as seen in the short film.
Age Unknown, likely mid-forties
Gender Male
Occupation Fisherman
Portrayed by Orto Ignatiussen

Aningaaq is a character who is heard briefly in Gravity, and the main character of Gravity's companion short film of the same name.

He is portrayed by Orto Ignatiussen.

Character biographyEdit

A Greenlandic fisherman, Aningaaq lives in the void equivalent to Earth's outer space: the arctic. Dr. Ryan Stone attempts to communicate with Earth but only gets Aningaaq's ham radio. She attempts to talk with him, but Aningaaq doesn't understand English, so he is unable to help.

The short film uses subtitles to reveal what Aningaaq was actually saying. Turns out that he was using his ham radio to ask for advice on what to do with his aging, sick dog, because he didn't want to kill her. He contacts Dr. Stone instead, who asks him to pray for her because nobody else would. She then asks him to turn the radio to his dogs because she is desperate to be reminded of Earth. She starts barking with the dogs, only for Aningaaq to correct her by howling. She goes along with it but breaks down crying. Dr. Stone stops when she hears him singing a lullaby to his baby and becomes more distraught, as it reminds her of her child. Stone attempts suicide via hypoxia, but decides against it. After disconnecting with Dr. Stone, he decides to shoot his dog.


  • In the script, Aningaaq's name was Aningang.
  • Many audiences first thought Aningaaq was an Asian farmer, not a Greenlandic fisherman.
  • Aningaaq has appeared in three forms of media related to Gravity. The film itself, the short film companion piece and his name was used to name the soundtrack where he is heard in the film.