Alfonso Cuarón's Ikea is a popular viral internet spoof of the marketing campaign for Gravity and its respective title card. It even used Spiegel Im Spiegel in the trailer. 

Alfonso Cuarón's Ikea has over 1 million hits on YouTube.

Cuarón's ReactionEdit

In the parody, two sensibly-priced-furniture shoppers recreate key scenes of fear, panic and disaster from the movie in the Swedish Life Improvement Store, echoing the trails of the characters played by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the space thriller. With a self-effacing chuckle, Cuarón joked at the Viceroy Hotel in Manhattan over breakfast: "I would have liked to have made 'Gravity' in IKEA, not in space. IKEA is universal," Cuarón continued over coffee. He explained that he recently got lost in the furniture and housewares giant in Italy, an experience he described as "overwhelming." With a robust sense of humor, Cuarón appreciated the parody. 

The VideoEdit

Alfonso Cuarón's "IKEA" - Official Trailer

Alfonso Cuarón's "IKEA" - Official Trailer